This section is to allow you to find the quickest answer to the most popular questions our customer service team receives. If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us!

Q. Do you combine shipping?

A. Absolutely. Each item ships in the smallest possible to container, insured, expedited & tracked. We can however combine several items into the next box size to save some costs; savings are automatically refunded back to you. Please understand though that most parts are heavy & it makes no sense to cram too much stuff into a certain sized package, the parts will arrive damaged. If you’re purchasing one of the larger items, for instance a grinder chassis, as well as some of the smaller items, we can ship some of the smaller items in the same box as the chassis: the weight goes up so Fedex charges more but it does work out slightly cheaper than shipping parts individually. If you have your eye on multiple products & need an accurate shipping quote, shoot us an email & we’ll work it out for you.

Q. What sized motor do you recomme